About Therapist Coach Debra Wengert

I Believe In You.

Hi, I’m so glad you’ re here! I’m Debra Wengert, LCSW, The Coach for Therapists. I help therapists build thriving Private Practices.

When I finally decided to open my private practice I was told by other mental health professionals  “Don’t bother, you will fail”

More than a decade ago, I learned the biggest problem was lack of knowledge in building a business. Our degrees did not prepare us to be entrepreneurs.

I know that you can learn all the skills you need through trial and error but that will cost you time and money.

I have already done the hard part for you!

I also know that any business coach will not do, they do not know all the details of building a mental health practice for a therapist.

There are many myths about starting a private practice. The common few being:

  1. Its too hard, you will fail.
  2. Billing is a nightmare & too costly to hire someone.
  3. You cant make a consistent income.

None of these are true. If you work with me you can succeed, I have created strategies and systems to build your business and earn a consistent income with ease.

You are here today because you are looking for a solution.

I am that solution… As your coach, I offer you one on one guidance to build the Private Practice of your dreams. Setting you up to succeed with easy to follow systems and strategies to build your business in a few short months and make back the small investment in yourself by hiring me as your coach.
“Failure is not an option”. If you are ready to build your dream practice and earn what you are worth, I am the coach for you!

Do You Want To Have More Money & Work Less?

Do You Want More Time With Family & Friends?

Do You Want To Create Your Dream Practice?

THEN, Stop Wasting Precious Time!

If you would like more information… Join me on a call and we can discuss your needs as a private practitioner.

I’m happy to explain the details and answer any questions you have.

Why I Love What I Do

A Specialized Business Coach Makes A Big Difference

My favorite thing about therapy business coaching is seeing how quickly a shift in perspective creates a difference in helping my fellow therapists make positive changes in their business and their lives. Some of my most successful clients were only in need of some understanding and tools. Watching the pieces come together for growth really makes me love doing what I do.